In 2011 edict egaming GmbH acquired a full Isle of Man licence for online casino systems, which allows our customers to obtain a sublicence as an operator on the Isle of Man.

The gambling licence mentioned above was extended to an Isle of Man network licence in 2013, making it possible for us to offer our games in other jurisdictions as well.

Furthermore, the existing online casino platform was also adapted to the requirements of the German market, or in other words, to be in line with the Schleswig-Holstein gambling legislation. It goes without saying that edict egaming has fulfilled all of the applicable requirements of the legislation ever since.

Since 2015 edict egaming GmbH is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

We adjust our casino products to the requirements of other licensing regimes using our licensing strategy, which we would be happy to explain to you in a face-to-face meeting.


Our reliability is certified


All of the games available in the edict online casino have been extensively tested and officially certified by independent testing institutes. The game rules, mechanics and prize distribution comply with the strictest regulations, therefore providing optimal reliability when playing the games.

Games from the jurisdictions in which our casinos operate are only considered for live operation after successful testing and are only licensed after further testing.

The same applies to our platform, which complies with the applicable licence requirements and undergoes regular security tests. We also authorise testing institutes to perform security checks on our platform for potential security loopholes.

Rely on the well-tested and independently-certified security of our games.